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The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.

Consulting and Analysis

We must steer away from technical and analytical jargon whenever possible and make our points clearly and concisely.


The best business plans are straightforward documents that spell out the who, what, where, why, and how much.


The ratio of we’s to I’s is the best indicator of the development of a team.

Search Engine Optimization

In the age of digital business, Juvenilia Technology is a pioneer brand that is synonymous with the professional search engine optimization services to businesses seeking to online presence in search engine result pages. We welcome you to a new world of effective digital solutions that are capable of amazing results, and which will work to steer more online traffic your way. We always fulfill clients’ specific requirements with no compromise on the quality of the services. We are very transparent service provider and guarantee the best services to our clients. We build a good business relationship with clients so that long-term cooperation can prevail for mutual benefits.

What We Do Best

Our professional SEO Services

Audit Services

The website analysis services examine technical, on-page, off-page, Google analytic and social media components to your site and recommend the actionable suggestions to achieve the business objectives.

On-page Optimization Service

We will optimize the website for the search engines and also for the target audience. we will perform to get the website ready for the search engines.Title Tag Optimization,Image and Hyperlink optimization, W3C Validation Support and many more.

Keyword Research Service

Choosing the right keywords is one of the most important parts of a successful Online Marketing. Often, focus only on popular broad terms, we believe that it is much better to target those keywords that have a proven track record of searches and also which are realistic and relevant to your business.

Link Building Service

Transform your business ideas into mobile applications with us. Mobile application development arena being one of the most innovative spaces in the industry today holds the prospect for the future of business.

Social Media Optimization

Juvenilia Technology is well equipped to handle your business on all popular social media profiles such as Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn,YouTube, Pinterest and more to make your social media presence great and convert traffic in the result of sales accordingly.

Our highly strategic approach includes the following steps

General Social Media Strategy and Social Integrated Marketing consulting.Formal Analysis of current marketing deployment, social strategy development and integration. Social Media Account creation, management and daily responsibility, including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Juvenilia Technology focuses on results-driven search engine optimization that meets your business needs and doesn't just saturate your site with traffic that will quickly leave. With the help of analytics tools, we can see where traffic is going on your site, whether it is reaching the intended destination, and we can make and/or implement recommendations to modify your website in order to increase conversions.

Paid Advertising Campaign

The results on the very top, sometimes very bottom, and right side of search engine results are pay per click (PPC) results. This means they show up because they have ad campaigns setup through the search engine and each time someone clicks on their ad, they are charged a fee for that click. The main benefit of a PPC campaign is instant results.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has increased tremendously and has become one of the most important digital marketing. Email marketing is an online technique of sending out emails, business can use email marketing service in a variety of ways, such as finding new customers and brand promotion.

Banner Ad Design

Juvenilia Technology offer a complete range of banner ad design and programming from animated GIF banner ads to flash banner ads to full-blown media-rich Flash banners that incorporate video, audio and interactive features. As there are many fields in the business sector in which banners are required there are many ranges to offer the banners to the clients. We charge reasonably and our goal is to satisfy the customers and the charges should be affordable to the customers. The charges should be worth for the banner design processes.

Custom Web Development

Technology is a perfect way to make your customer experience your vision, values, brand and products. Juvenilia Technology experts which are talented to analyze the market trends and accordingly develop business solution to fulfill your business requirement. Our skilled development team are very innovative, best in their work, passionate & data driven thinkers for providing on-time services. Your site should be eye-catching by customizing the unique blend of your content highlighted at the right place with development to give it a professional makeover. We have structured the web development over software like Joomla, Magento, Drupal, WordPress, PHP, Angular JS, .Net etc as per your project requirements.

Our Process

1. Auditing your business carefully for identification of customer’s perspective 2. Analysis of current brand and strategy preparation for optimization 3. Custom template creation and designing 4. Test approve the design at your end 5. Optimizing design to become search engine friendly Benefits: 1. Uniqueness 2. High Security 3. Functionality 4. Speed increase to site loading


Php is a server side scripting language which allows the web server to run programs called PHP scripts that retrieve updated information from a database and use it to generate a site.


Magento is considered to be the most flexible online e-commerce platform which is built with an open source technology that helps create a delightful experience for your customers. Magento is also a mobile-friendly platform that familiar with multiple devices such as smart phones, tablets etc.


WordPress is most popular and reliable platform now-a-days. WordPress front end is easy for customization having drag and drop options. This is why it is loved so much and most familiar. It is easily extensible using plugins for so many different kinds of operations.


Joomla is a standout amongst the top content management around the globe that facilitates creating functionally powerful, manage a dynamic website and visually appealing websites that drive business growth.

Angular JS

Angular JS is a JavaScript-based open-source front-end web application among various frameworks that are focused on improving coding language and get quicker results. We intends to more dynamic and subsequent results while developing a standard structure of applications for a number of a segment


Drupal is an open source CMS like WordPress and Joomla. It is also written in PHP and SQL. It offers numerous modules to extend website’s functionality with a high level of customization.