Best Office CRM Software in Bhubaneswar

Juvenilia Technology provides best CRM Software in bubaneswar, India.CRM Software may be a methodology of recent business that addresses the requirement of business organizations. It is becoming increasingly difficult to function in the modern digital economy without some form of automated customer management. Not only has ecommerce turned even the smallest business into a global entity, but the sheer speed at which goods and services are bought and sold these days has made it all but impossible to conduct business as a manual process.Everything the CRM solution does leads to improved customer relationships. Each contact and communication with a customer or potential customer that demonstrates knowledge of and care for that customer’s needs and desires cements a stronger, more beneficial relationship for both parties.

Key Features to Consider in CRM Software :

  • Lead management:

    The lead management feature in a CRM solution spans marketing and sales, identifying potential customers who may show interest or interact with your company. These leads will be captured, tracked, organized, scored, nurtured and delivered to sales for engagement.

  • Contact management :

    The contact management feature in a CRM solution tracks and organizes all information about customers, partners and other entities for an organization, and adds sales and marketing capabilities, such as personalized communication tools and relationship mapping.

  • Sales force automation :

    CRM solutions can automate sales force tasks, including data entry, contact management, appointment setting, inventory monitoring and some customer contacts.

  • Mobile CRM:

    The Salesforce AppExchange app store has a portfolio of role-specific apps for its CRM product and partner apps to take every task mobile, going far beyond a mobile version of a CRM product.

  • Cost :

    Small Business Essentials is $25/user/month (billed annually), Lightning Professional $75/user/month, and Lightning Enterprise $150/user/month

  • Integration:

    Leading app integration through AppExchange store. Developers and users can create apps with Lightning App Building and Heroku Enterprise, or integrate third-party apps. Salesforce’s MuleSoft AnyPoint Platform lets developers design and use APIs and software integrations across the enterprise.

  • Need Of CRM Software:

    CRM software helps companies to manage customer interaction and customer data, automate marketing, sales, and customer support, access business information, and manage partner, vendor, and employee relationships. A good quality system is also scalable for the needs of businesses of any size. What is more, it is customizable, enabling enterprises to get actionable customer insights using back-end analytics, identify business opportunities with predictive analytics, personalize customer support, and streamline operations based on customers’ interaction history with your company. If you are looking to invest in a quality sales CRM software systems for your business, but are unsure which one will fit you best, we are here to help you.