Online Examination Software

Online examination is a test conducted over the internet. Also, it measures the knowledge level of students. Students can give online exams from their own devices at their own time. The online examination requires an internet connection and a web browser.

Highlighted Features of Online Exam Software

  • Test Scheduling
  • Detail Analytic Report, Analytics with Ranking, Percentile, Subject Wise, Topic Wise and Question Wise Analysis
  • Numpad For Integer’s Type Questions
  • Range Based Questions
  • Test Recalculation Available in Admin
  • Auto Practice Portal for Students Using AI
  • Bulk Question Upload From Word File and Page Maker

  • Advantages of Online Examination

    Saves Paper:Since they are online they do not use paper. Also, you never have to print the question paper for students. Besides, saving trees means saving trees.

    Saves Money:The cost of buying and printing paper is saved. Also, you can save on logistics or assembling and conducting exams. They can give exams on their devices. In addition, it saves money to spend on exam conducting.

    Saves Time:You can set an auto-grade exam that will grade itself like multiple choices. The online examination can be completely automated and hassle-free.

    More Secure than Class Exams:You can make a long list of questions for students. Also, each student will get a random set of questions from them.